Lest I let a single article about Wal-Mart pass by without notice: check out the San Francisco Bay Guardian‘s long look at Wal-Mart’s greening and the company’s hiring of Adam Werbach.

(And lest I let you forget that I wrote an op-ed on the subject: here’s my op-ed on the subject — and a bloggy follow-up.)

Listen to Werbach:

… Werbach went on to explain how respectfully his ideas have been received, and unlike in the municipal planning morass where good concepts often go to die, Wal-Mart gets things done. "I’ll notice something in a store, and every store in America is changed by the end of the week," he said, buzzed by the sheer wonder and magnitude of it all. "I’ve yet to find a big idea that they haven’t done," he said of all the standard improvements environmental organizations have been rapping about for years, such as powering with solar panels, harvesting rainwater for irrigation, and heating with biofuel.

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You hear that? That’s the wonderment of a leftie activist who’s actually making things happen. While his ideological compatriots stand on the sidelines try to out-theorize each other on "the big picture," Werbach’s in a position to make actual molecules in the actual world shift from place to place. You can hear the amazement in his voice.

For my part? I’ll take one real, concrete change over 1,000 blogs worth of pud-pulling rants any day. I’m tired of waiting.

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(via Dateline Earth)