In a crushing blow to environmental types everywhere, two "sexiest jobs" lists emerged recently and neither one picked an eco-professional among the sexy.

According to, the sexiest jobs are:

  • Entertainer/Model
  • Cocktail Waitress
  • Athlete
  • Firefighter
  • Cowboy
  • Nurse
  • Artist
  • Military Professional
  • Construction Worker
  • TV/Anchor Personality selected:

  • Firefighter
  • Personal Trainer
  • CEO
  • Bartender
  • Pilot
  • Nurse
  • Surgeon
  • Photographer
  • Soldier
  • Cowboy

Well, I spent a week on Maui last month with a cool bunch of coral reef protection professionals, and I’ll put them up against a pack of TV Anchor Personalities on the sexy scale any day of the week. Wet suits and snorkel masks v. hairspray and blazers? No contest, baby. Bring it on.