Oh, man, is this a sappy movie waiting to happen. Here we go:

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin who was born different than the other dolphins. He had, according to scientists, “spinal curative that gave his back half an ‘S’ shape.” The other dolphins didn’t like him, and would not let him join in any dolphin games, says Treehugger:

[Behavioral ecologist Alexander] Wilson suspects that the dolphin’s curved spine and slower swimming skills may have made it a target of bullying from its own species … “Sometimes some individuals can be picked on. It might be that this individual didn’t fit in, so to speak, with its original group.”

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But one day, the dolphin met a group of whales. The whales were slower-moving, and they didn’t mind that his back kept him from zooming along. They accepted him for who he was:

Over eight days of observation, the biologists observed the adult dolphin swimming, feeding, and even nuzzling along with the sperm whale behemoths.

“It really looked like they had accepted the dolphin for whatever reason,” says Wilson, in a report from Science Magazine. “They were being very sociable.”

Somebody give this dolphin a cute name and sell the story rights to Disney STAT.

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