I groaned when I saw this story on global dimming the other day. It’s about a documentary soon to be aired on BBC, presenting the research of Dr. Peter Cox. The spin Reuters’ Matt Falloon puts on it is that reducing fossil fuels will accelerate global warming. Who knows why he’s adopting that spin. (Or why he says “Scientists differ as to whether global warming is caused by man-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse” gases, by natural climate cycles or if it exists at all,” which is narrowly true but distorts what is a broad and robust consensus on the issue.) Falloon is, wittingly or unwittingly, providing yet another piece of ammunition for climate change flat-earthers to forward to each other and trumpet on talk radio. The notion is, to be blunt, hoo-ha.

For a sensible look at global dimming, see our article “Dim Sun,” this BBC story which describes Cox’s report more fully, and this helpful summary by Jamais Cascio.