Far be it from me to criticize content on our very own site, but this piece makes no sense to me.

For one thing, the four cited cases — Pat Robertson accepting global warming, Frank Luntz accepting global warming, Wal-Mart greening its operations, and the Sierra Club endorsing Lincoln Chafee — have very little in common, politically, economically, or culturally. There’s no reason a position on one would imply a position on another.

For another, just who are these reactionary, progress-inhibiting progressives? It’s telling that not a single person or statement is cited.

For another, how is it possible that environmentalists are both losing miserably and failing to acknowledge their many victories? Which is it?

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The whole thing reads like a bank-shot defense of the Sierra Club’s endorsement of Chafee. But if Renstrom and Perkowitz want to defend that, they should defend it directly, as Carl Pope does here and here. I don’t agree with it, but it’s worth discussing.

Simply lumping those who oppose the endorsement in with some vaguely defined set of anti-progress progressives doesn’t do much to advance that discussion.

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