Wind is the fastest-growing source of electricity in the world. One of the coolest things about it, from my perspective, is the possibility that wind turbines could serve as a lifeline for the rural residents and family farmers America claims to love but in actual fact arranges policy as though deliberately to destroy.

I expect we’ll be seeing more stories like this one in the NYT.

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This new wind farm, called Maple Ridge, is already the largest alternative-energy project east of the Mississippi, and a second phase, which will include 75 more windmills, is scheduled to be built this year, starting in the spring.

Mr. Burke, 58, has pinned the security of his fifth-generation dairy farm on the seven turbines that he allowed to be built on his 600 acres last fall. Each one will generate an annual lease payment of $5,000 to $10,000, based in part on the electricity generated, that will allow the Burkes to stay on their land after they retire.

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"For me, this project is an excellent exit strategy," Mr. Burke said. "Having the towers will allow us, when the time comes, to sell the cows, lease the land and keep the farm."