Army Corps can continue its Missouri River meddling, Supreme Court says

In bad news for enviros (why are we always saying that?), the Supreme Court has declined to hear challenges in three cases questioning the Army Corps of Engineers’ authority on the Missouri River. With authority now decidedly in hand, the Corps can continue to prioritize the downstream shipping industry over upstream recreation and environmental concerns. North and South Dakota and green groups had urged the Corps to store more water in upstream reservoirs, benefiting the fishing industry and endangered aquatic life. “The Corps has favored the larger, downstream states for far too long,” said Montana Attorney General Mike McGrath. However, in a teensy bit of good news, the Supremes’ decision also means that the Corps can go ahead with a planned early May “spring rise,” a release of water to encourage spawning by the endangered pallid sturgeon. Enviros support the release, while upstream states worry about a water shortage and downstream states worry about flooding.