3D printers can make really, really big things. The D-Shape printer, for instance, can create chunks of concrete almost 20 by 30 feet in area, printed from sand and binding agent. And a Dutch architecture studio is now planning to use that printer to create a really big structure: a whole house.

And not just any house — it’s a fancy piece of architecture with a name and shit. It’ll be called the Landscape House, and the design is inspired by a Moebius strip. Because really, when you make a house with a printer, you have to do it with flair.

We’re not quiiiite to the point where you can just print out a no-assembly-required building like “bloop, here’s a house!” You have to print out the building blocks and then join them together with fiber-reinforced concrete. But all of this is scheduled to take only 18 months, which, really, isn’t that much longer than it takes to build a regular house.

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