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Articles by Adam Weymouth

Adam Weymouth is a freelance writer living on a boat in London. His work has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Atlantic, and New Internationalist. You can follow him on Twitter.

Featured Article

It took me 247 days to walk from England to Istanbul — 3,500 miles. Flight time would have been about four hours.

I used to fly often, but gradually, insidiously, my awareness of climate change had been growing. Flights were becoming more tinged with a guilt that the carbon-offset websites seemed to only temporarily alleviate, and the changes I was making in my personal life seemed inadequate to the scale of the problem. Before long I found myself standing on the roof of the Scottish Parliament, hanging a banner protesting proposed runway expansions across Scotland. As the police and the television cameras stared up at us, I realized that flying was going to be difficult to justify to myself from that point on.

Yet travel was important to me, and I wanted to see if it was possible to have comparable adventures without flying. In early 2010, with the trees still bare, I left my home and took the first steps on a journey whose challenges and rewards I could scarcely have imagined.

From London I passed through Canterbury and stood on the worn stones at Thomas Becket’s tomb where countless pilgrims had stood before me. I crossed the Channel and walke... Read more