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Articles by Alden Wicker

Alden Wicker is an editorial assistant at and lives in Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. She also produces the blog Clean Hippie.

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This is Alden’s seventh entry in the series “Grist dared me to make a change.” Read the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth here. And support her dare with a gift to Grist!

White ribbed tank, Goodwill Greenwich Village, $9.99; yellow lacrosse shorts, Goodwill Annapolis, $3.50; Chucks (or knockoffs, I’m not sure), Salvation Army, $3.99. Total for outfit: $17.48.Photo: Alden WickerTwo things I learned about the Salvation Army by Union Square:

1.      It does not have air conditioning. 2.      It does not have dressing rooms.

Can we say miserable? It was 103 degrees in Manhattan when I found myself gathering what looked to be unwashed clothing off the racks in the depressingly dingy Salvation Army. When the sales lady told me I could “go to that corner to try it on there,” I stared at her for a moment, feeling first disgust at the visual of my crouching behind a rack, getting nekkid for used clothing. Then I felt guilty for being so snobby. Finally I settled on just being exhausted. At this point I was wandering around the store in the same pair of black heels I had... Read more

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