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Secondhand outfitH&M maxi dress, $14.99; embellished sandals, $12.99; oversize heart drop earrings, $5.99 (as I remember) from Goodwill Annapolis; purse, $9.99. Total for outfit: $43.96.Alden WickerI’m so bored by my outfit today, I can’t even tell you.

I tried to punch up this H&M maxi dress, but I don’t have any colorful jewelry or scarves. So I braided my hair, put on a huge pair of earrings I bought some time ago at Goodwill Annapolis, and tried some bright red lipstick for a more bohemian look. But really, I’m still wearing a black nightgown. The office has been silent about my outfit, which I’m going to have to interpret as quiet disapproval.

On the bright side, yesterday I got this lovely email from a fan:

Let me put it this way… Were I not happily married, and if I saw you wearing that outfit in, say, the local grocery co-op, I’d be looking for a ring.

Sir, you can find me each week at the Flatbush Food Co-op in Brooklyn, in case you are wondering.

I wish I knew which outfit he was talking about! Probably the one where my boobs were on display. I spent all day tugging, tugging, tugging. I had to hang up a picture and I was afraid if I reached too far over my head, everything would just pop out. But I made it through the day with no major mishaps. One commenter asked if I hadn’t even tried on the dress. Well, yes, I did try it on. I tried everything on. But I was so thrilled I guess I just said to myself, “It’s tight, but doable!” Or else I put on some pounds last week. Entirely possible.

Tonight I’ll finally have time to hit the yoga studio and try out my thrift store exercise clothes.

I say tomorrow is a cut-off jean day. Who’s with me? And who’s with me in supporting Grist?