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Alexander C. Kaufman is a Senior Business Editor at The Huffington Post.

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This story was originally published by HuffPost and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Nathaniel Stinnett launched the Environmental Voter Project in 2015 to resolve a simple but enormously important contradiction. Polls found a vast majority of Americans understood climate change and wanted the government to act. And while millions of those people were registered to vote, many never cast ballots.

Since then, his nonpartisan group has contacted nearly 6.2 million voters in a dozen states who rank environmental issues as a top concern, but rarely, if ever, vote. The group estimates that they’ve been able to convert just over 733,000 of those people into regular voters in the last five years. 

Now the Massachusetts-based nonprofit is expanding into another five states: Alaska, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and New York. 

“The climate movement’s problem is not a lack of solutions, it’s a lack of political power,” Stinnett told HuffPost this week. “We need to mobilize every day in every election in every state to amass so much political power that we’re impossible to ignore.” 

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