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Articles by Alison Kanski

Alison Kanski is a journalist at Climate Central and a graduate student at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism.

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The Paris climate talks are two months away, and most of the world’s big carbon emitters have submitted their climate pledges. That’s the good news. The bad news is that despite many countries pledging to cut carbon emissions in the coming decades, the current commitments may not be enough to limit warming to the world’s agreed upon goal of 2 degrees C (3.6 degrees F).

The pledges have been rolling in all year. On Monday, Brazil said it would cut emissions to 43 percent of 2005 levels in the next 15 years, stop illegal deforestation, and reforest 30 million acres of land. Deforestation is a major source of Brazil’s carbon emissions.

The pledge puts Brazil in the company of 82 other countries — including the U.S., China, and other large carbon polluters in the European Union — that have submitted their climate pledges to the United Nations.

To gauge the effectiveness of the proposed emissions cuts, the nonprofit group Climate Interactive has put them into a climate model to show just how much the current goals would limit warming.

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