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Articles by Andrew Kenneson

Andrew Kenneson (he/him) works with the Western Reserve Land Conservancy in Cleveland, Ohio on urban green space projects. He’s previously written for local newspapers in Georgia and Alaska.

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April 5, 2022

I got my first glimpse of the place today. Drove out there by myself and knelt in the dirt and ran my hands through the dry clods. Nobody else out there, save a few crows picking over some years-old corn.  

I don’t think the seller will be a problem. That land gave all it could give and it won’t give any more. The ground is all hard and rocky, rutted out with old furrows and bits of crabgrass here and there. I’ve seen parking lots with more life. 

It’s the only piece in that area that butts up to Stanton Forest. The guy across the road seems to be going strong, but not too many other nearby farms are. It’s perfect. 

I found this old notebook in a desk drawer at home and started writing about all this. W... Read more