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Articles by Arne Jungjohann

Arne Jungjohann is a political scientist, Twitterbrainer, and energy expert with a focus on the Energiewende, its politics, and communications.

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  • The nuclear industry has powerful backers and weak opponents in D.C.

    This is part two in a series on the United States and nuclear power. Read parts one, three, and four. The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is the lobby association for the entire process chain of the nuclear industry in the U.S., from uranium mining to the manufacture of the reactors and the supply of nuclear […]

  • Why is the United States so obsessed with nuclear power?

    Why aren’t Americans more freaked out about the possibility of a nuclear accident? Photo: MikeThis is part one in a series on the United States and nuclear power. Read parts two, three, and four. After the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima, as a German living in the U.S., I often get asked these days: What’s going […]

  • No nukes, no problem? Germany’s race for a renewable future

    Germany plans to phase out all of its entire nuclear power within 11 years.Photo: Andy RudorferCross-posted from This post was coauthored by Wilson Rickerson, CEO of Meister Consultants Group, who leads the company’s international energy and climate work. During the last several years, there has been talk of a global “renaissance of nuclear energy.” […]