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Articles by Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen is cofounder of Ben & Jerry's and creative director of the True Majority.

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Take it from an ice cream guy: If it’s melted, it’s ruined.

That’s why we have to stop global warming now. We’ve only got one atmosphere; we can’t wait to take action until the damage is done and air pollution has forever changed our planet’s delicate environmental balance. Earth Day reminds us that if we want to preserve our world for our kids and all the generations to come, the time to act is today.

That is common sense, of course, but some politicians just don’t seem to get it. Nonetheless, most of them love Earth Day, because it gives them a chance to go plant trees with photogenic kids. Then it’s back to the office, where most politicians do nothing on behalf of the environment and a whole lot on behalf of corporate polluters.

How often have you heard a Beltway politician declare himself or herself an environmentalist — and then assert that we don’t have enough facts on the table to justify legislation to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel global warming? If our government were really paying attention to the science — and to the voice of the people — the U.S. would ha... Read more