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Ben White is a contributing reporter at the Washington Post and assistant to columnist David Broder. Previously, he was a writer for the Hotline and editor of the Hotline Weekly.

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Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) flew right over the cuckoo’s nest and straight into nutville with his widely mocked decision to add “eco-terrorists” to the list of possible suspects responsible for the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Don Young getting restless.

For the unlucky few who missed the Alaska congressman’s appalling bloviation, here’s what he told the Anchorage Daily News: “If you watched what happened [at past protests] in Genoa, in Italy, and even in Seattle, there’s some expertise in that field. … I’m not sure they’re that dedicated but eco-terrorists — which are really based in Seattle — there’s a strong possibility that could be one of the groups.”

We can all have a good laugh — heaven knows we need it — at this inanity. But the cold reality is that the environmental movement may take a big hit in the wake of this week’s tragedy. The conventional wisdom among some green group leaders: “ANWR is toast” (referring, of course, to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

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