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Articles by Ben White

Ben White is a contributing reporter at the Washington Post and assistant to columnist David Broder. Previously, he was a writer for the Hotline and editor of the Hotline Weekly.

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  • Forest Fire

    We hear that when U.S. Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck issued (or at least appeared to issue) a new policy last week barring the cutting of old-growth timber on national forest lands he did not exactly have the green light from President Clinton. We like Mike. In fact, according to our sources, the president-for-the-next-few-days and […]

  • Did the top U.S. negotiator at The Hague climate talks drop the ball?

    Lots of grumbling lately from environmental insiders displeased with the way Frank Loy handled negotiating duties for the U.S. during the fruitless climate change talks at The Hague, Netherlands. The main complaint: Bad clock management. Pretty boy Loy. Photo: Courtesy of IISD. Without getting too mired in bad sports metaphors, the knock on Loy, the […]

  • A Nader-do-well

    If the first presidential debate was a contest to see who could memorize more numbers and offer crisper rhetoric replete with well-rounded sentences and flawless syntax, then Al Gore won. If it was an audition for national nice guy, then George W. Bush strutted out of Boston riding high. But the truth is that neither […]

  • Give Greenpeace a Chance

    By now the trials and tribulations that have befallen Greenpeace USA in recent years are well-known. In the biggest blowup, the entire board resigned after bickering with Greenpeace International-backed Executive Director Kristen Engberg over the direction and organization of the redoubtable environmental group. Current and former staffers ranted about Engberg’s leadership style, which they described […]