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My real name is Russ Finley. I also have my own blog called Biodiversivist, which contains articles in addition to those submitted to Grist. I live in Seattle, married with children. Suffice it to say that although I am trained and educated as an engineer, my passion is nature. I very much want my grandchildren to live on a planet where lions, tigers, and bears have not joined the long and growing list of creatures that used to be.

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  • Experts look to captive breeding to slow amphibian extinction rates

    According to this article in Reuters:

    Amphibian experts are likely to urge captive breeding to slow a catastrophic rate of extinctions threatening a third of all species of frogs and salamanders, a leading scientist said. While a third of amphibian species are under threat, comparable rates are 12 percent for birds and 23 percent for mammals.

    Not looking good. But hey, I put my recycle bin out yesterday. I used to have a cartoon pinned to my wall of a heron with a frog sticking head-first out of his mouth. The frog had grabbed the heron by the throat so he couldn't swallow. The caption read, "Never give up!"

  • Biodiversivist

    I am jumping on the Katrina bandwagon just long enough to point out that a protective barrier of wetlands would have greatly ameliorated the effects of said hurricane. At least now we can directly assign a dollar value to those wetlands we have destroyed, giving Bush's economic advisors something to chew on. Maybe the next time someone suggests that saving and restoring coastal wetlands is cost-effective they will listen. Something good may come out of all of this, like carbon trading or an impeachment.

  • Wild moss collection like ‘strip mining forests’

    moss As you have probably already guessed, this is a photo of a moss collection. There is an article in the most recent Conservation in Practice about moss cultivation that caught my attention. Wait ... read on:

  • Recent magazines catalogue the planet’s grim tidings

    I just spent a few days at the fair helping out with 4H activities. This gave me time to catch up on my periodicals.