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Articles by Cathy Erway

Cathy Erway writes the blog Not Eating Out in New York, and hosts the weekly radio show, Let's Eat In, on Heritage Radio Network. She is also the author of The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove, and writes for food and lifestyle publications.

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Candied yams — those deep orange, overcooked tubers that were too sweet and too uniform in texture — were never a favorite of mine. Topped with marshmallows, the dish is often made with canned yams, earning them a comparison to candy. But the nuanced flavor and crispy skins of real yams or sweet potatoes can get lost in this “traditional” mid-century preparation — not to mention many of the vitamins you get from the fresh, unpeeled version.

Cathy Erway

Sweet potatoes, or “yams” as they’re often called in the U.S. (true yams are something else entirely), are easy to find in most farmers markets this time of year, and I tend to prefer the soft, orange-fleshed varieties to the firmer yellow or white ones. Also in season in many parts of the country is maple syrup, nature’s candy-like glaze — and it’s better than marshmallows. With the skins left on, real sweet potatoes can be sliced on the bias, basted with maple syrup and oil, and roasted until they are slightly crispy on the edges with an irresistibly s... Read more

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