Chip Giller

Chip Giller is founder and CEO of that crazy organization Grist.

Founder's Message

Introducing Grist’s next chapter

Words to live by: A planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck.


Shift Happens: Dumbledore’s Army

Steel your courage to take on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

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Shift Happens, one PB&J at a time

In difficult times, local climate action offers solace -- as does a favorite sandwich.

check this shift out

The future doesn’t suck

Grist Founder Chip Giller has a new newsletter focused on the path toward a sustainable world that works for everyone, and, man, is this shift good!

America needs Grist now more than ever!

Make America Green Again

Be super-classy and give to Grist today — every donation over $50 gets a "Make America GREEN Again" hat!

Sheldon Whitehouse
Whitehouse on White House

Climate-hawk senator is “very disappointed” in Obama on Arctic drilling

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse tells Grist what he thinks of the president's climate record. Plus: commentary on Hillary Clinton and the pope.

Climate hawk takes flight

It is with great sadness but also no small degree of pride that we are writing to share the news that David Roberts will be leaving Team Grist.

Chip Giller

So this climate walks into a bar …

Here are four promising trends helping us build a future that doesn't suck.

Extreme Makeover: Homepage Edition

Have you noticed our handsome new website?

We think our latest redesign is our best ever. But don't take our word for it -- let us know what you think.