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Articles by Chris Bruntlett

Chris Bruntlett is co-founder of Modacity, a multi-service consultancy focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film.

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After (quite literally) walking away from car-ownership five years ago, we experimented with many variations on traveling as a family by bicycle. None have been as transformational as our investment in a cargo bike, allowing us to haul not only our two children, but also groceries, appliances, and even our annual Christmas tree.

While our hometown, Vancouver, B.C., is better suited than many for this, the experience has us thinking of all the ways cargo bikes could change the lives of city goers everywhere, especially with the rise of protected bike lanes. With that in mind, here’s a list of reasons we think North America is ready for a cargo bike revolution.

Mikael Colville-Andersen

1. Cargo bikes: The new delivery trucks

A 2013 study by the European advocacy group Cyclelogistics estimated that 51 percent of all goods-related motorized trips could realistically be shifted to cargo bikes. On that front, DHL has replaced 10 percent of its Dutch fleet (33 vans), with cargo bikes, saving 152 tons of CO2 and about $485,000 a year. How much safer and more pleasant would a city be if just 10 percent of ... Read more