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  • Global meltdown. NOW goes inside the battle over global warming.

    A little birdie forwarded this week's NOW newsletter which contained the following:


    Scientists say that over the last century, almost every glacier on earth has gotten smaller and that the Arctic, which serves as the "air conditioner" for the world, is warming twice as fast as anywhere else. It's part of the body of evidence, they say, that proves humans are changing the atmosphere and causing global climate change, which has enormous implications for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. So why are some in government still claiming that global warming is a hoax? On Earth Day, NOW analyzes the latest from the scientific and political fronts on climate change. The report looks at recent scientific evidence that has set off alarms about the implications of melting glaciers for rising ocean levels and talks to one coal-burning energy company that has voluntarily pledged to stabilize its greenhouse gas emissions.

    To find out when NOW airs in your area, click here.

    Also, right, um, now, the NOW home page is all about the environment. Aw, just in time for Earth Day.

  • For those of you not in Iowa or Tennessee

    Last week, I posted my review of Sky Blue, a Korean anime film that touches upon some enviro issues. As I mentioned in my post, it is playing in limited release, with many showings already passed ... which means that many of you won't get to see it in theaters.

    For those who are interested, and can't wait until it comes out on DVD, VHS or television, you can watch the first 8 minutes of Sky Blue on (And all of you anime freaks out there, you can also watch clips of Steamboy.)

    If you do watch the preview, which provides the backstory of the film, imagine that we humans continue to ignore the threat of climate change and that this is our future. Chilling.

  • An open letter to Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes

    Dear Andy Rooney:

    I enjoyed your commentary last night on 60 Minutes, titled "Put Brakes On Gas Prices". I applaud your campaign "to get every driver to use 20 percent less gas this year than last year."

    You went on to point out how we Americans make unnecessary trips and exotic vacation plans that result in consumption of enormous amounts of gasoline. You even suggested that "newspapers print 'Don't Travel' sections with articles about how interesting it is not to go anywhere."

    But you failed to mention hybrid cars! Here in Gristmill, readers are touting the benefits of driving a hybrid vehicle -- the primary one being less gas consumption.

    Andy, Andy, why the omission?

  • Gristmill to hybrid drivers, calling all hybrid drivers

    A few days ago I blogged about Wired's review of hybrid cars. I was hoping to hear from others to learn how Wired's reviews stacked up against the experience of actual hybrid car owners/drivers. Sadly, no comments.

    However ...