A little birdie forwarded this week’s NOW newsletter which contained the following:


Scientists say that over the last century, almost every glacier on earth has gotten smaller and that the Arctic, which serves as the “air conditioner” for the world, is warming twice as fast as anywhere else. It’s part of the body of evidence, they say, that proves humans are changing the atmosphere and causing global climate change, which has enormous implications for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. So why are some in government still claiming that global warming is a hoax? On Earth Day, NOW analyzes the latest from the scientific and political fronts on climate change. The report looks at recent scientific evidence that has set off alarms about the implications of melting glaciers for rising ocean levels and talks to one coal-burning energy company that has voluntarily pledged to stabilize its greenhouse gas emissions.

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Also, right, um, now, the NOW home page is all about the environment. Aw, just in time for Earth Day.

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