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Daniel Kammen is chief technical specialist for renewable energy and energy efficiency at the World Bank.

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Check your math, Bryce. Photo: themacgirlThis post originally appeared on the Great Energy Challenge blog, in partnership with National Geographic and Planet Forward. This article was coauthored by Sam Borgeson and Kevin Fingerman, University of California, Berkeley Energy and Resources Group doctoral students.

Renewable energy: Scientists, governments, and significant elements of the business community now are in agreement that it is the basis around which we can build a low-carbon, sustainable, global energy economy. And yet, misinformation is being propagated by interests favoring the status quo.

A June 7 op-ed, The Gas is Greener, by Robert Bryce in The New York Times is a sad example. Using rhetorical arguments and faulty calculations, Bryce argues that technologies such as wind and solar are somehow more environmentally destructive than natural gas and nuclear energy. This opinion is at odds with the findings of the several hundred analysts who developed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources released last month. It is also at odds with the community of nations who reviewed and... Read more

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