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David Anderson is the author of New Hampshire Primary 2012: Green, a blog about climate change and the 2012 election. A career environmentalist, David has worked as an grassroots organizer for the Sierra Club and Alliance for Climate Protection. He also holds a MA in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire. You can reach Dave at or on Twitter @NHPrimary2012. Our check out his website:

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Cross posted from New Hampshire Primary 2012: Green

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was back in New Hampshire on Monday, where he shared his views on cellulosic biofuels and oil drilling in North Dakota with local talk show host Al Kulas:

Al: “You mentioned in your talk that in Iowa unemployment was 2% because everybody was drilling oil…” Newt: “No, no, no… in North Korea… North Dakota…” Al: “Did some of the farmers realize that rather than wasting the value of their land growing corn for ethanol, they should take the corn out of it and drill for oil?” Newt: “Actually, I think the part of North Dakota that produces oil is winter wheat country, but the farmers out there seem pretty darn happy with the amount of royalties that they’re getting out of the wells that are being drilled now…” Al: “If I said, ‘Corn is food. Soy beans should be used for ethanol,’ what would you say?” Newt: “Well, I think there are new technologies that allow you to use corn stalks and corn husks and other things. I am in favor of developing some biofuels and I think i... Read more

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