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Articles by Erik Ness

Erik Ness writes about science and the environment from Madison, Wis. Among the publications he's written for are Discover, Preservation, Backpacker, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, MAMM, Wisconsin Trails, Milwaukee Magazine, and The Progressive.

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  • What's wrong with those pretty holiday bulbs? Plenty

    Pssst … want to know why the climate conference sputtered at The Hague? Published reports cited disagreements about trees. Well, the trees in question might well have been of the Christmas variety — because, of course, the U.S. delegation needed to return home in time to string up the traditional holiday lights. You heard it […]

  • Has Carl Hiaasen created the new Hayduke?

    Lost in the spinning swells of debate coverage was the news that, while in Florida preparing for the second debate, Vice President Al Gore purchased a copy of Sick Puppy, the most recent offering from the best-selling author and Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen.

  • Or: how I learned to start vermicomposting and love the worm

    The problem with winter is that nothing rots. Yummy! — compost in action. Photo: Texas A&M Dept. of Horticultural Sciences and Aggie Horticulture. This won’t bother you if you don’t have a compost pile, but if you do, you are frozen on the horns of a messy dilemma. The wondrous microbial engine of your compost […]

  • Development runs wild in the upper Midwest

    In an arm-wrestling contest, you’d probably pick Paul Bunyan over John Lawlis. Bunyan, after all, wielded his mighty ax with mythic strength and endurance, leveling the great forests of the upper Midwest. John Lawlis merely works the phones, selling vacation lots in what’s left of these woods. “I think Paul would definitely win,” laughs Lawlis. […]