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Dear Umbra,

I’ve been seeing more “regeneratively grown” labels on food, most recently on a carton of eggs. What exactly is regenerative farming and is it actually better for the planet?



From a marketing perspective, “regenerative” is another supposed synonym for “climate-friendly.” And, as we have seen with other commercial environmental claims, the line between green living and greenwashing can be very hard to find indeed. 

The idea behind regenerative agriculture is that the soil of this little Earth is generally in rough shape, and if it were healthier, it could hold on to some of the carbon and other greenhouse gases that are currently floating up into the atmosphere and channel them into plants instead. That’s a worthwhile goal: According to a 2018 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, improved soil sequestration could remove 250 million metric tons or more of carbon dioxide per year in the United States alone. (More shortly on why that “could” is doing a lot of work.)

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