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  • Who might like the president’s bogus climate principles

    One person undoubtedly taking note of the president's "principles" on climate change is Republican Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio. He is reportedly working on his own weak, coal industry-friendly climate amendment to the Lieberman-Warner bill.

    Voinovich reportedly will try to couple such an amendment with related provisions to weaken the Clean Air Act.

    Sound familiar?

  • Bush administration finally responds to Supreme Court case on global warming

    The Bush administration finally responded today to the Supreme Court ruling on global warming -- the case the Bush administration lost nearly a year ago.

    Unfortunately, the response is a blatant stall tactic cooked up by reactionary groups like the Heritage Foundation.

  • Public health pitted against polluter pressure

    The EPA is about to decide if national health standards for smog should be made tougher. What's at stake is the quality of the air we breathe.

    The EPA's independent science advisers unanimously think the standards should be made tougher. So do the EPA's career experts. So do lung doctors and many other medical groups. But big polluters are putting on a smog squeeze. They want the White House to keep the existing standards. And they are urging the Bush administration to break the law by considering costs (code for politics) instead of science.

    The EPA is under a court order to make a decision by March 12.

    Spokespeople from the American Lung Association, Clean Air Watch, Environmental Defense Fund, and the National Association of Clean Air Agencies are planning a briefing Thursday, March 6, at 12:00 p.m. EST.

    Call-in Information: 1-888-206-2266

    Pin: #244448#

  • The EPA’s phony explanation of its rejection of California

    After more than two months, the Bush administration today finally articulated its legal case for rejecting California's greenhouse-gas standards for motor vehicles. The argument is here.

    It reads like something written up in the boardroom of General Motors or a law firm working for car companies. It even cites arguments made by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers as justification for the decision!

    It's a phony argument designed to protect the auto industry -- and it's typical of the Bush administration to dump out bad news like this on a Friday to minimize media coverage.