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Articles by Gene Karpinski

Gene Karpinski is president of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund.

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About a month ago, I went to New Hampshire to enthusiastically announce the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. As she received the endorsement, she listed important climate actions that she would take once in the White House: keeping fossil fuels in the ground and under the ocean in places like the Arctic, holding polluters accountable, and pushing an ambitious clean energy agenda that prioritizes low-income communities.

“As President, I will put the Arctic off limits to drilling because I think there are some places where we have to keep fossil fuels in the ground or under the ocean … and we have to get more countries to agree with us: leave it under the ocean.”


“I’m so proud of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, because he announced he’s going to investigate Exxon to get to the bottom of whether they misled the world … It’s a big deal. It is unacceptable for anyone to put the health of our families and our planet at risk by obscuring science.”


“I want to set some big goals for America again. … I believe we can have 500 million more solar panels instal... Read more