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Articles by Guglielmo Miccolupi and Laura C Zanetti-Domingues

Guglielmo Miccolupi (he/him) is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Milan, Italy, and Reading, England, and the founder of Commando Jugendstil. One of the initiators of solarpunk in Italy, he has led the Commando through several sustainability and public art projects across Europe, has contributed to the narration of several short stories published in international solarpunk anthologies, and has realized several illustrations depicting hopeful, sustainable futures, such as the postcards published monthly by Solarpunk Italia and Solarpunk Magazine. Laura C Zanetti-Domingues (zie/zir) is a senior staff scientist at the CLF Octopus facility in Oxfordshire by day, and a founding member of Commando Jugendstil for the rest. As part of Commando Jugendstil, zie has taken part in several sustainability projects around Europe and has been included in several solarpunk anthologies published in the U.S., Spain, Australia, the U.K., and Italy.

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A young man, about 18 years old, give or take, curly brown hair in disarray, weathered brown skin streaked with dirt, chlorophyll, and scratches, barrels down a steep slope on an electric mountain bike.

Cork oak branches beat him mercilessly as he careens through the trees, bobbing over roots and rocks like a rubber duck in a bathtub.

The young man’s eyes are wide and he turns every now and again, cursing under his breath and pedaling even harder, as if all hell had broken loose and all devils were on his trail.

Well, maybe not all devils, but Satanas for sure.

Satanas, the aptly named, bad-tempered stud bull of Seu Nestor, the steward of the neighboring communal montado, had been steadily gain... Read more