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Articles by Hamida Kinge

Hamida Kinge was a 2009 fellow at the Scripps Howard Institute on the Environment and a 2008/09 reporting fellow for the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting. She is a member of the Society for Environmental Journalists.

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Food Inc. director Robert KennerRobert Kenner never set out to make a terrifying film when he started Food, Inc. But along the way, he found the food industry to be stunningly secretive–and what it’s hiding to be downright scary. The film shines a bright light on the handful of corporations that, behind a cloak of glitzy marketing campaigns, do the dirty work of putting cheap food on our plates. As Variety put it, the film “does for the supermarket what Jaws did for the beach.” Not long after the film opened nationwide, I caught up with Kenner by phone from his Los Angeles home.


Kinge: As I watched your depicton of conventional farmers in the film, the word I kept thinking of was “sharecropper.” For example, individual farmers no longer legally own their own seeds; they must purchase them from biotech giants like Monsanto, and essentially they remain in debt.

Kenner: You know, I don’t even talk about in the film whether GMOs are good for us or bad for us. But what I find so amazing is Monsanto saying we can’t feed the world without [their genetically mod... Read more