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James Crugnale is a marketing intern at Grist.

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The new College Sustainability Report Card is out, ranking schools on their green cred. Sierra magazine and The Princeton Review also rate campuses on their sustainability.

But students might not want to choose their college based on eco-savviness alone. Which schools make the green grade and know how to party? Where can you join a bike co-op, compost your dorm waste, and then get completely trashed while owning at beer pong? We have you covered, brosky.

Badgers can guzzle down a brew and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; already emissions are down 24 percent since 2006. Photo: Eyton Z

University of Wisconsin-Madison

UW-Madison scored an A on the College Sustainability Report Card, making it one of just seven schools to earn the highest marks possible in overall sustainability. In addition to making the green grade, the university was ranked No. 3 among party schools by Playboy and No. 12 by The Princeton Review.

ASU’s West campus has solar panels at one of its parking lots, offering shade to tailgaters. Photo: Kevin Dooley

Arizona State University

The Sun Devils have a notoriou... Read more

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