Chocolate outfit.Chocolate fashion show in New York. Photo: BoshLately at Grist, we’ve had fashion on our minds (but never on our bodies; for some reason hemp pants still haven’t caught on). Lady Gaga recently raised a ruckus with the meat dress she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards. And last week, we polar-fleeced-Seattleites warily watched Fashion Week take New York by storm.

So in honor of comestible couture and fashion in general, we’ve compiled some of the more delectable rags you can sport from the kitchen table to the catwalk. Photographer Ted Sabarese was generous enough to lend us incredible shots from his “Hunger Pains” project. He was inspired by the relationship between people and the food they eat. And of course, here at Grist, we are too. So check out this wacky wear and tips on how to tear your teeth into fashion.

Nutella DeVille: While you don’t want this outfit to melt on your body, you definitely don’t want it melting the planet either. Before you start sewing together your chocolate nibs, check out which varieties are best for the planet. Fortunately, our pal Ask Umbra has compiled a handy overview to help you figure out how to purchase ecologically and humanitarianly correct cocoa.


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Woman wearing a dress made out of artichokes.Click for a larger version.Photo: Ted SabareseArty choke: While you likely don’t have the time to make an artichoke dress this beautiful creation took Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway fame over six hours to attach each individual leaf — don’t waste your time on store-bought artichoke dip. Making it yourself is easy and there are thousands of delicious, quick recipes.

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And make sure to go with organic artichokes. Conventional artichokes are sprayed with both pesticide and fungicides, a thorny issue here at Grist.





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Man wearing Eggos.Click for a larger version.Photo: Ted SabareseEggo my leggos: If you’re sewing your own waffle pants, back your butter away from listeria-ridden Eggos. Here’s video instruction on how to make organic waffles. But if you do cave to Kellogg, buy Eggos up quick; last winter’s shortage could be a climate change indicator.















Woman wearing meat.Click for a larger version.Photo: Ted SabareseA real meat and potatoes kind of girl: While Gaga’s meat dress rationale (tying it back to “don’t ask/don’t tell” legislation) may have been a stretch — not so malleable is Ask Umbra’s solid advice on sustainable meat. And once you’ve staked out a grass-fed steak, try Grist’s Tom Philpott’s steak in red-wine sauce recipe.














Bread dress.Click for a larger version.Photo: Ted SabareseI’m the breadwinner, baby!: Ever wonder what goes into that Wonder bread? Save yourself sleep and money: Philpott can also show you how to make bread, whether it’s for eating or wearing.
















LettucePhoto: Arty “Fucking” SmokesLettuce all wear hats: This lady is clearly a veg head. But if you haven’t crunched your cranium over lettuce, there are some shocking facts out there. Like, did you know that switching to organic lettuce cuts down on dietary nitrate, which has been linked to various forms of cancer? Or that 90 percent of leafy lettuce is shipped in from massive farms in California? Beleaf me, you want to spend your green on farmers market greens.








Man with watermelon hat.Photo: Joshua SkaroffCheck out the melons on this one: Nothing’s better than watermelon in the summertime. As this feller used his melon to figure out, they make for stylish, compostable safety helmets at music festivals where who knows what can get chucked around. And once the fruit’s scooped out, you can make a delicious, healthy salad.