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Articles by Jennifer Langston

Jennifer Langston is a news editor for Sightline Institute a nonprofit research and communications center for the Pacific Northwest. She co-edits Sightline's daily news service and is a former reporter for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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The Berzins outside their 168-square-foot, mortgage-free home.

When my husband and I bought our first house, its 800 square feet of living space was perfect for two. It was what we could afford, and it suited us. We fought rarely, lived within our means without too much trouble, loved living within easy walking distance of restaurants and parks, went away many weekends, divided up the two closets, and dumped all the extra stuff in the basement.

Then we had a kid.

Jennifer Langston

Daycare bills made us broke, we argued 400 percent more often, and we spent more time inside. We moved our one living room chair to make way for the baby swing. We moved the desk into our bedroom, with one inch to spare. I invented a complicated system of labels and garbage bags headed to the consignment store, full of out-of-season clothes that were too big or too small, the acres of unwanted things that people give you, and toys that I could not stand to store in my living room. This Christmas, I provoked the familial equivalent of an international incident by limiting the presents that grandparents could send.

To be clear, my family does not live in a tiny house. People raising c... Read more

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