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Jennifer Prediger is a writer and producer who channels Umbra Fisk for Grist in the world of online video. She recently joined a CSA and is learning how to live with less take-out.

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Photo by Not An Alternative.

Residents of New York, Philadelphia, and neighboring areas can turn on their taps without worrying about the flammability of their water for at least a little while longer. The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) made anti-fracking supporters happy this week when they announced the cancellation of a crucial Monday vote to approve fracking in Trenton, N.J. 

Thanks to the move, the drinking water of 15.6 million people in the Delaware River Basin has been temporarily spared from the potential damage caused by hydraulic fracturing.

On the fracktivist website Save the Delaware River, Gasland director Josh Fox wrote, “They cancel the meeting if they no longer have three out of five commissioners voting in favor of fracking. Which is exactly what they have done. They don’t cancel meetings often, let alone votes.”

Appeals to Vice President Joe Biden and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, and 69,800 public comments to the DRBC opposing fracking may all have contributed to the meeting’s cancellation.

“This is not a complete victory by any means,” Fox wrote. “We still do not know when the DRBC will reschedule their mee... Read more

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