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Articles by Joe Brewer

Joe Brewer is a research fellow at the Rockridge Institute.

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Not long ago, a group of important environmental leaders published an essay on Gristmill — “Creating an Earth Atmospheric Trust” — about Peter Barnes’ Sky Trust proposal. As it happens, Rockridge is about to release an analysis comparing Sky Trust with the Lieberman-Warner bill. We particularly evaluate what we call “cognitive policy,” which is the set of ideas and values that underlie a legislative or social policy.

The Rockridge Institute endorses the key ideas in the Sky Trust. The reasons for our endorsement are best understood by looking at the cognitive policy behind it. This “cognitive dimension” of their policy is the source of inspiration that makes the Sky Trust strong.

The most fundamental principle behind this entire endeavor is this:

An effective policy must gain popular acceptance if it is to stand the test of time and it must do so for the right reasons, namely because it promotes the right long-term values in the minds of citizens.

The Sky Trust proposal is an exemplary effort to instill this principle firmly in policy.

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