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Articles by Josh Sevin

Josh Sevin is a graduate student in MIT's planning program. Previously, he was an editor at Greenwire environmental news service and a researcher for U.S. News.

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  • A Disappearing Act

      137 species are estimated to go extinct each day 50,000 species are estimated to go extinct each year 78 species were on the original U.S. endangered species list 1,201 species were on the U.S. endangered species list as of October 1999 43 percent of endangered and threatened animals in the U.S. depend on wetlands […]

  • More Than Meats the Eye

    8 pounds of grain are needed to produce one pound of beef 2,464 gallons of water are needed to produce one pound of beef 40 percent of grain is fed to livestock, poultry, or fish China’s grain consumption increased by 40 million tons between 1990 and 1995 — and 33 million of those tons were […]

  • Paper Chase

    a 50 percent increase in worldwide paper consumption is expected by 2010 115 billion sheets of paper are used annually for personal computers 700 pounds of paper are consumed by the average American each year 10,000 trees are cut down annually in China to make holiday cards 3 cubic yards of landfill space can be […]

  • A Kick in the Grass

    20 million acres of U.S. land are covered by lawn 1 hour spent mowing a lawn with a gas-powered mower produces as many emissions as 50 hours spent driving an average car 5 percent of U.S. air pollution in summer months is emitted by gas-powered lawn equipment 27,000 gallons of water are needed each week […]