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Articles by Josh Sevin

Josh Sevin is a graduate student in MIT's planning program. Previously, he was an editor at Greenwire environmental news service and a researcher for U.S. News.

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  • A Kick in the Grass

    20 million acres of U.S. land are covered by lawn 1 hour spent mowing a lawn with a gas-powered mower produces as many emissions as 50 hours spent driving an average car 5 percent of U.S. air pollution in summer months is emitted by gas-powered lawn equipment 27,000 gallons of water are needed each week […]

  • Car Talk

    70 million motor vehicles were on the world’s roads in 1950 630 million motor vehicles were on the world’s roads in 1994 1 billion motor vehicles are expected to be on the world’s roads by 2025, if the current growth rate continues 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are emitted by the average car each year […]

  • Forty

    • percentage by which energy consumption in developing nations is expected to grow by 2010 • percentage of written prescriptions that are either based on or synthesized from natural compounds found in plants and animals • percentage of total paper used in Germany that goes toward packaging • percentage by which one can reduce pollution […]

  • Three

    • factor by which an average resident of an industrialized nation consumes more fresh water than an average resident of a developing nation • factor by which sulfur dioxide emissions are expected to increase in Asia by 2010 • number of hours a television can be powered with the energy saved from a recycled aluminum […]