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Watch any cartoon or kid-centered sitcom long enough and you’ll come across a lunchroom scene where the little ones are served a bubbling, inorganic-colored pile of mystery by an unsympathetic, hairnet-sporting drone. For many kids, that lunch-room horror was a reality. As a result, The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed to improve the quality of school lunches and combat childhood obesity. This act has weathered heated criticism over the past five years. There have been outcries from school cafeterias, politicians on the right, and parents. Unflattering photos of lunch trays containing meals not even Oliver Twist would touch have been splattered across the web with the hashtag #ThanksObama. One student in Wisconsin even organized a boycott to shed light on the shabby state of school lunches.

Despite this  tumult, there’s some new evidence that the act is making things better. A poll conducted by W.K. Kellogg Foundation shows that people support the changes made in school lunch programs because of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

The poll, of 1,200 adults nationwide, showed that 86 percent believe school nutrition requirements should be strengthened or kept ... Read more

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