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Articles by Ken Ward

Ken Ward is a climate campaigner and carpenter whose work can be see here.

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  • Roselle's Rollicking Tale & Moral of the Story Mike Roselle has a knack for being in the right place at the right time and a genius for creating confusion in high places. As with all effective rabble-rousers, he has left a trail of enmity in his wake (not always in the opposition camp), but that is to be expected in any political […]

  • Pop Quiz

    Which of the following organizations — U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Natural Resources Defense Council or the American Coal Council — posted the following paragraph? “… policies to support CO2 capture and sequestration at power plants and industrial facilities could also help recover almost 37 billion barrels of stranded domestic oil by 2050. This increase in annual oil […]

  • Climate SOS campaign aims to defeat ACES for the right reason

    As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comment makes clear, there will be no climate bill this year. This is a crucial step on the long and tortuous road to averting cataclysm, but defeat for the ACES placebo is of little long term consequence unless it is killed for the right reason. The Climate SOS campaign […]

  • Carl Pope says 350 ppm not strong enough, endorses carbon pricing and global tax & dividend!

    In the Sept/Oct issue of Sierra Club Magazine, Club Chairman Carl Pope details four “fallacies about solving global warming” that must be scrapped in order to achieve “the transformational global deal we need to save our planet” in Copenhagen. Put in positive terms, and looking only at the specifics, Pope outlines the following platform. 1. […]