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Articles by Author Lindsey Brodeck

Lindsey Brodeck (she/her/hers) lives in Bend, Oregon, and is a graduate student at the University of Washington studying speech language pathology. She has an MFA in creative writing from Oregon State University-Cascades, and a BA in Biology-Environmental Studies from Whitman College, where she completed a two-year thesis studying native bee and plant interactions. "Afterglow" is her first published story.

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It’s early summer and only a month until the last of the pods leave for the Kepler planets. Renem secured a contract for two; of course she wants me to go with her. 

I need time to clear my head. She doesn’t understand why, because it isn’t like we’ll be leaving anything behind. Our living situation is squatting on the good days and bench-sleeping on the bad. And there’s no need to talk about family. Renem never knew her parents, and I buried what was left of mine years ago. We’ve been together for over half my life. Sometimes I wonder if it’s more out of necessity than love.

I’m at Antimatter and the dance floor is packed as usual. It isn’t exactly an upstanding place, but I feel at home here, like I can step out of my skin ... Read more