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Articles by Lisa Curtis

A frequent blogger and social entrepreneur, Lisa Curtis is the community builder at Solar Mosaic and co-founder of Kuli Kuli, a nutrition-focused social enterprise. Previously, Lisa wrote political briefings for President Obama, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, and managed communications for an impact investment firm in India. Follow her on Twitter.

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Reuters / Jonathan Ernst

A little less than four years ago, I was a bright-eyed intern in the Obama White House. The halls buzzed with hope, and optimistic predictions that we would tackle health care and then move on to the more challenging issues of climate change and immigration reform.

It wasn’t long, however, before the realities of the recession and extreme partisanship set in. The public’s disillusionment with politics grew almost as fast as the president’s gray hairs.

Obama’s victory on Nov. 6, though narrow, has offered a chance to reframe the debate. He has already promised that immigration reform will be introduced soon after his inauguration. Here’s why a climate bill should follow soon after:

1. Clean energy will grow our economy

Solyndra might have failed but solar is clearly here to stay. I know this firsthand. I work at Mosaic, an online marketplace for investing in solar, and I live in Oakland, Calif., which is rapidly emerging as a solar hub. I can’t get a beer without running into an orange-clad Sungevity staff member or a Brightsource employee giddy on the company’... Read more

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