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Articles by Lorena Galliot

Lorena Galliot is a green-at-heart French journalist based in New York City, covering anything renewable, sustainable, or gourmet. When she's not out reporting, she can be found either snacking on fair trade chocolate or organic brie, or salsa-dancing off the calories from aforementioned snack.

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Remember the ugly fruit and vegetables that were all the rage in France last summer? We’ll, they’re coming to America.

More to the point: They’ve actually been here this whole time — just not on most people’s plates, nor in supermarket aisles. A new Oakland-based startup called Imperfect is out to change that. Its founders, three veteran food-waste entrepreneurs, are on a mission to bring ugly produce (they prefer the term “cosmetically challenged”) to, quite literally, your doorstep.

“Our bold vision is for consumers across America to have the option of having a box of Imperfect produce delivered to them weekly, for 30 to 50 percent cheaper than [what they’ll find in] grocery stores,” said Ben Simon, Imperfect’s cofounder. Before they go national, however, the team will roll out a trial in Oakland and Berkeley in the summer of 2015, with the goal of reaching 1,000 customer households in the first six months.

Here’s a video the Imperfect team put together for an Indiegogo fundraising campaign:

In addition to its doorstep delivery service, Imperfect plans to partner with grocery stores to set up special displays of “cosmeticall... Read more

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