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Marian Bull is an editor and writer at Food52.

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It was only a matter of time before the inevitable convergence of food waste user-uppers and resourceful vegans. Now it’s happened, and we’re all talking about aquafaba, that slick liquid left over after you strain a can of chickpeas for your hummus or salad or what-have-you. Yesterday, Jane Black published a story on the stuff in the newspaper of record, calling it a “miracle,” albeit a somewhat mysterious one.


Discovered by ingenious home cooks and recently commandeered by chefs, the stuff is a better egg replacer than vegans have ever found — and it uses up something that’s normally cast off as waste.

At Food52, we’ve experimented with aquafaba before; Caroline had great success in turning it into mayonnaise, and slightly less success with a chocolate mousse.


But now that the word’s in our head again, we’re dreaming up everything we can do with it — starting with these recipes from around the net:

Kenji’s fluffy aquafaba pancakes Marshmallow fluff (which, inevitably, will lead to fluffernutters) S... Read more

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