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Articles by Matt Martinez

Matt Martinez is the Supervising Senior Producer for the weekend edition of NPR's afternoon newsmagazine All Things Considered, where he guides and shapes the content of the hour-long broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday. Martinez was behind the creation and conception of The Bryant Park Project, a morning show produced out of NPR New York; he served as the show's supervising senior producer until it ended production in July 2008. He was part of NPR's award-winning coverage of September 11th, reporting from New York with Robert Siegel on the day of the attacks. Martinez grew up in Arizona and graduated from Northern Arizona University.

Featured Article

Washington’s mayor, Adrian Fenty, takes a test spin on one of the city’s new shared bikes.Photo: Matt MartinezIf you want to see what a good bike share system can do for a city, go to Lyon, France. I just returned from a week-long visit, and the bikes were coming and going the minute I stepped out of the door: A man in a suit with groceries from the corner market (it looked like bread, milk, and some flowers). German tourists yakking away while riding along the banks of the Rhone River. Students zipping through the Place Bellecour on their way to class, or to meet friends at a café. It made the city feel alive. And it made me wish that D.C.’s bike share system were as vibrant and useful as Lyon’s. 

Well, it didn’t take long for my wish to come true — sort of. Shortly after I got back to the States I learned that the District was scrapping its old bike share system and debuting a new, expanded regional one. 

Washington D.C. and Arlington County debuted Capital Bikeshare today. It’s the largest bike sharing program in the United States — 1,100 bikes at 100 kiosks in the District and Northern Virginia. (... Read more