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Articles by Matt Perry

Matt Perry was Grist's Technology Director and chief nerd from 2008 to 2012.

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This is an introduction to how we build our web products here at  I hope you find it interesting whether you work at Grist, are just curious, or want to decipher some of the  jargon involved.


1.  Good ideas  

People have ideas for features and changes on all the time, which is awesome.  All of these are evaluated and if possible merged into the overall product plan by the product owners (currently Scott, with some help.)  The product owners are people who are responsible for the overall direction of  However, good ideas come from everywhere around Grist — if you have one, draw it out on a piece of paper, write about it on Basecamp or in an email … let people know about it, refine it and sell it (i.e. — let everyone know how it will help us advance toward our goals — growth, engagement, influence and impact.)

Once an idea is sufficiently well defined it becomes a feature request, and is entered into pivotal tracker, our project management software in a place called the icebox.   The product owners regularly review the contents of the icebox and the overall product roadmap, promoting those i... Read more

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