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This is part of a series of dispatches from Melinda Henneberger, who’s talking to voters around the U.S. about their views on the environment and the election.

Stanardsville, Va. — A harvest moon is rising over the cornfields on the last night of the Greene County Fair, just hours before the carnival rides are packed up and the local politicos break down the vast GOP tent, where yard signs and balloons are being handed out, and the much smaller Democratic Party tent, where you can shake hands with the local congressional candidate.

Then again, that the Democrats even have a tent at the fair this year is a step up for them in a county that went two-to-one for George W. Bush in 2004: “This is big doin’s for the Democrats in this county,” says their competition, Republican Party Chair Gary Lowe, who wound up helping his partisan adversaries put up their tent, because they’d never done it before. “Usually, they just have a little card table stuck off somewhere.”

Gary Lowe.

If you’re guessing that means this is a crowd that loves John McCain, guess again. Even Lowe, who’s flipping burgers ... Read more

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