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Articles by Peter Altman

Pete is the Climate Campaign Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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  • Climate bill puts Americans in the green (SEE MAP)

    There’s a lot of talk about the costs of the proposed climate bill for American consumers. As we’ve documented repeatedly, opponents of climate policy have cranked out lots of “studies” to prove the bill will crater the economy. The latest garbage to come out of the opposition team was the map that suddenly popped up […]

  • Phony coal map distorts clean energy bill costs

    You have to hand it to the coal industry.  They are not content to just spend millions of dollars on “wild and crazy” advertising claims about “clean coal.” Now, they are bringing those same mad skills of deception to mapmaking.  Yes, you read that right:   We are now looking at lying via cartography. This colorful […]

  • News flash: More jobs and lower energy costs good for low-income Americans

    Memo TO: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, Heritage Foundation and other industry groups predicting the end of life as we know if America takes action on climate change FROM: Natural Resources Defense Council, Political Economic Research Institute/University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Green for All and the Center For American Progress Subject: Inconvenient New Study […]

  • Climate math: How the “Chicken Littles” cook the numbers

    The transition to clean energy, reducing our dependence on dangerous foreign oil and protecting our environment will cost less than some would have you think. In April, the EPA estimated that the American Clean Energy and Security Act would cost households less than the cost of a postage stamp each day, roughly $100-$140 per year. […]