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Articles by Sam the Climate Dog

Sam is Grist's office puppy, aka the Climate Dog.

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UPDATE: Thanks for all your votes! We’re happy to announce the three winners are Sasha, Tater, and Matilda!

I’m impressed: You guys really brought it. The competition was fierce. The paws are tired. But I’ve finally narrowed down the finalists.  

Now it’s time to pick some winners. You’ll find each of the remaining climate dog hopefuls on his or her own page. Click through and check them out. At the end, you get to place your vote. 

The top three dogs with the most votes on Oct. 3 wins. That’s all there is to it. Happy voting!



You think you’re a climate dog? And — sniff — you think you’re ADORABLE?

I think by that, what you actually meant was I’M the original, adorable, totally unbeatable Climate Dog.

Want proof? Here’s me in my London HQ, The Climate Group. We don’t just write the headlines, we MAKE the headlines.

I’m 3 wise years old, I’m a French bulldog, and my armies know me by the name of Enzo. But I ain’t leading a French Revolution. 

OOOhh no. I’m leading the... Read more